KULSOCS's Sport Edition was tested out the features of sports attire by Institut Sukan Negara. In recent decades, sport as a social practice has become relevant in many different fields, in health, economy, politics, education, work and leisure. In line with the brand’s philosophy “More than Covering”, each Kulsocs x ISN edition arm sleeves was lab tested with UV Protect, Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Roll Down and Anti-Itchy, using the best fabrics to give wearers a light and easy feeling at all times.


Kulsocs X ISN:  UV Protection


Designed with 40+ UV Cut technology (lab test BS EN 13758-1) to  protect  the skin from sunburns, skin damages and other harsh effects of the ultra-violet rays.  It’s moisture-wicking, to keep that fresh feeling during sports and casual activities.


Kulsocs X ISN : Anti-Bacterial

The added anti-bacteria (lab test Antibacterial Finishes on Textile Materials (AATCC 100-2019) ensure comfort and freshness even during sweaty situations. Its fully synthetic fabric also lets you move with ease during work out and casual occasion. Not only is this key in the sports and commercial world, but even more important in the medical world.


Kulsocs X ISN :  Anti-Roll Down


Pusat Perubatan Sukan Negara (PPSN) try and test Kulsocs X ISN featuring technology that will not roll down. It will fits perfectly on your arm and will stay there for hours which allows you to move around in ease and comfort. It is also helps wick sweat and keep the skin cool.


Surprise, surprise! After 8 hours of working hour, no sweat stain and feelings of exhaustion on their arms. Kulsocs X ISN is very comfy to wear. They love the fit since it comes in sizes with different circumference makes movement easy with no rolling down sleeves.


Kulsocs X ISN : Anti-Itchy


Kulsocs material test was conducted among staffs at Pusat Perubatan Sukan Negara (PPSN) with the history of skin damages on forearms. The staff participants  (PPSN) were given a week to try the  Kulsocs arm sleeves. As a result, they experience no itchiness and redness on their arms. The material is incredibly quick-drying, breathable, and cool. Dries in half the time that cotton does, preventing the fabric sticking to the skin.



Kuloscs X ISN Edition

Kulsocs X ISN can be easily style with the pair of jersey for sports and casual activities. Kulsocs X ISN can smoothly transition from sports to casual wear, seamlessly integrating sportswear features into everyday apparel.