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Styling Ideas
Styling Ideas

Here we share how to style your handsock Kulsocs. Style is personal, it has nothing to do with fashion. Fashion is over quickly. Style is forever.


Be different with handsock Kulsocs!


1) Celebrity Choice -  Shine bright like them with handsock Kulsocs.

Nora Danish choose handsock pattern


Dai Hidayu and Kiki Joule choose handsock pattern



2) TV Programme -  Official handsocks for TV Alhijrah, Astro Awani and Media Prima


3) Kulsocs perfect for any Sport/ Outdoor activity



4) Turn 1 outfit to few different looks -  Wear it at the outer part of your top sleeves.

5) Add detailing in your Abaya - Be creative with your Abaya. Your Abaya will look different with more detailing at arm side with Kulsocs. Wear it at the outer part Abaya sleeves.


6) Your baju kurung will look more casual  with Kulsocs. Since baju kurung quite heavy with pattern, it's best to wear with Plain or 2 in 1 (reversible) Kulsocs,


7) We love it! A new way to make a fashion statement with our elegent Kulsocs combine with your Peplum Dress.


8) Kulsocs on your Big Day? Yes, it's perfectly either on your Engagement Day or Wedding Day!



9) Everyone can wear handsock Kulsocs. Covering in Style!



10) Kulsocs on Convocation Day 


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